Hawthorne Street Row of houses

Pant Hoot Comedy, 7/10 at Lincoln Park Tavern

Hey all - sorry about canceling last month - comics got paying spots elsewhere and I was sick. But we're back and the show is great. So here you go:

Matt Goldich (Late Show with Craig Ferguson; Comedy Central's Premium Blend)

Nick Mullen (SxSW; Moontower Comedy Festival)

Myka Fox (Myka Fox & Friends Podcast)

Doogie Horner (America's Got Talent)

Langston Kerman

hosted by Charles Star (Bridgetown Comedy Festival; SF Comedy & Burrito Festival)

Pant Hoot Comedy
Thursday, July 10 at 9PM
Lincoln Park Tavern
49 Lincoln Road in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

PLG Arts Meet the Author series debuts at The Inkwell on June 24

Tomorrow, June 24 at 7:30, PLG Arts is hosting the first event in its new Meet the Authors series at The Inkwell Jazz Comedy Cafe. The inaugural event includes readings from Emma Straub and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Ms. Straub will be reading from her new novel, The Vacationers and Ms. Mitchell will be reading from Liberty's Torch, her history of the construction of the Statue of Liberty. 

Details (including "open bar" and more about the authors and their books) here

PLG Arts presents Meet the Authors Night
Tuesday, June 24 at 7:30pm
The Inkwell Jazz Comedy Cafe
408 Rogers Ave. between Sterling and Lefferts

Pant Hoot Comedy, 5/8 at Lincoln Park Tavern

AveryPant Hoot Comedy is back! This month we've got: 

Kevin Avery (Writer for HBO's Last Week Tonight and FX's Totally Biased)

Chris Laker (The Artie Lange Show)

Carolyn Castiglia (VH1 and Comedy Central)

Dan Shaki (In The Tank podcast) 

Christy Coffey

Hosted, as almost always, by Charles Star.

Thursday, May 8 at 9pm
Lincoln Park Tavern
49 Lincoln Road

Searching for Rocky

This was originally posted in January 2012 at the late, and great college basketball website "The Mid-Majority". TMM will soon cease to exist, taking its archives with it. I, however, wanted to save this - the story of my son's first basketball game. So I am taking it and I am putting it here. I wrote this two years ago and I still enjoy reading it now. 
My son does not seem to care any more about sports now than he did then.

Fairleigh Dickinson Knights at Saint Francis (NY) Terriers

January 14, 2012 4:30 pm
Physical Ed. Center
BBState Stats/Recap
"We get to take a bus and THEN a train!"
That's my pro tip on getting a 3-year-old interested in going to his first basketball game.

With 30 minutes to get from Flatbush to Brooklyn Heights and a bracingly cold day, Sidney and I hopped on the dollar van for the ride to the train. You don't get a much better deal than the $2 van, including death-defying swerving and the opportunity to debate someone who insists that Kobe was better than Jordan because "he was the youngest player to win a ring" all while holding your son in a way that would get Britney Spears another front-page humiliation in People. The train ride was less eventful, but we did get to see a rat on the tracks. "Do the trains crush him?" Sidney asked, which I liked; a question about rats in danger is a fitting entrée for a Terriers game. Our trip was longer than 30 minutes, but arriving with only five minutes off the clock is still a win in the "traveling with children" game. (Your family may have higher standards.)

By a combination of design and laziness, my preparation for the game involved no research beyond figuring out which subway to take. I didn't know that Fairleigh Dickinson was 1-14, for example, so when we arrived to find St. Francis with a 10-2 lead, I didn't know that I should have expected it nor did I have any idea that the 14-4 run by the Knights that followed was a surprise to everyone. In fact, I was under the mistaken impression that FDU was expected to win, that the second run was a return to normalcy, that Sam Fernley, FDU's pasty English point guard who broke the ankles of St. Francis' Brent Jones twice, was the NEC's Woody Harrelson.

Sidney wasn't watching the game. He was looking for "the wolf." I spent the better part of the first half looking away from the game to help Sidney find Rocky, the Terriers' mascot, even though he was almost always in the same place: hanging out behind the visitor's basket looking as if he was taking a smoke break. Sidney kept asking about Rocky even after the St. Francis dance team came out, so if you were wondering at what age dancing 18- to 21-year-old women are more interesting than a guy in a dog suit, the unscientific answer is "greater than 3 (because he has no idea) but younger than 41 (because watching made me feel like a lecher)." On the other hand, Sidney told me "I want to see the dancing ladies again," which he hadn't said since he saw the Dr Pepper Cherry commercial with Kiss.

Other things Sidney noticed that weren't St. Francis basketball:

- How terrifyingly loud the substitution horn is;

- The retractable hoop, which had been collapsed up to the ceiling for the stanchion baskets with a shot clock;

- That the dance team put down its pompons for its dance interludes;

- The closer-to-3-year-old scale St. Luke's CYO scrimmage at halftime;

- The fish tank near the ticket window.

Anyway, it was 34-32 FDU at the half.

Our seats were as good as you can get at a small gym like Peter Aquilone: second row, center court, behind the injured Lady Terriers' center Kiley Grabbe (who knew the mascot's name) ... and across the aisle from SFC's three-man version of the Cameron Crazies. It had been a rough first half for the hecklers, who were reduced to razzing 6-foot-7 Mouhamed Lo for shooting a layup instead of dunking. Things are not good when you have to insult the way your opponent is scoring on you. The second half would prove more fertile ground for abuse.

St. Francis opened the half with another run, this time 12-,1 but there was no answering run from FDU. The 12-1 run became a 20-5 run. Fernley, the ankle-breaking guard, had to throw up a 3 to beat the shot clock and airballed it badly. (Surprising fact: the only thing worse than having your 3-year-old participate in an "aiiiiiiiiiir baaaaaallllll" chant is having him do it wrong. I had to correct him.) Jones, ankles intact, finished the game as the leading scorer.

In the first half, FDU couldn't miss. In the second, even the layups wouldn't fall, and St. Francis pulled away. The crowd decided that a Kevin Douglas shot that nicked the rim was an airball as well, and the chant rained down again. Sidney got it right this time.

All the while, Sidney was looking for Rocky, who had disappeared. While I would have thought that halftime is when a mascot finally gets to let it all hang out, Rocky hit the lockers with the team and didn't come out for the second half. Maybe the Terriers needed a scapegoat for being down at the half to FDU? Whatever the reason, the game was getting long and an animal-based distraction was required. We went on a short quest to find Rocky and settled for spending a few minutes in front of the ticket-office aquarium.

There was a much larger crowd than I expected, aided in part by a kids-get-in-free night. As SFC extended its lead, the enlivened crowd began exhorting the D. A "De-FENSE" chant is one I could support for a kid, and Sidney perked up when he got to clap along with the crowd. A basketball game is a long event for a 3-year-old, though, and with 59.2 seconds left, he announced he wanted to go. I stalled until the final buzzer, negotiated him into the bathroom and past an alluring tray of muffins, hoisted him on my shoulders and headed back to the train.

St. Francis won 62-51. Sidney wants to go back and see Rocky again.

Bye, Matt

Photo credit: Andrew T. WarmanAround seven years ago, we got new next-door neighbors. Matt Power and Jessica Benko, a pair of freelance journalists bought the townhouse next to ours back when this blog was more than a billboard for a comedy show.

While they were waiting to close, Matt told me about his plans: they would be renting rooms in the house to friends, a quasi-communal deal. I told him he was crazy; that I couldn't rent to friends, because I could never let a month's delinquent rent ruin a friendship, and that I needed to reserve the right to be an asshole, since (at times) the only thing standing between me and foreclosure was the rental income. He laughed, because he loved the idea of keeping assholery in your back pocket, but he and Jess went ahead with their plan because they liked having friends around. So there were always friends around.

I do not quite accept, because I do not quite want to accept, that Matt is gone. He died of heat stroke, on assignment for Men's Journal in Uganda. This was what Matt did: he went anywhere, in search of interesting things and interesting ways to tell them. In this case, he was covering Levison Miller's attempt to walk the length of the Nile, and had planned on walking with him for a week. It was a very Matt story. (And you really should read Matt's stories. He was a brilliant and prolific writer.) His friend James, in his own remembrance, coined the phrase "Matt Mad Libs" to describe Matt's experiences: 

Pick a non-motorized form of transit and a colorful location and you’ve done it, in it. But remember to phrase as a question and ask abruptly:

You guys ever inner-tubed through the Bering Strait? You gotta do it!

Ever been ferried through the Shahran Market in a wagon full of ketchup packets? Total rush!

Ever rode a penny-farthing onstage at a Neil Diamond concert? Stop what you’re doing right now.

But he was as interested in what you were doing as he was in telling you what he was doing, even though it is fair to say that he was doing more interesting things. But he didn't just go to Uganda, or Pakistan or wherever there was a story. He came to what you were doing. He came to Lincoln Park Tavern to see Pant Hoot and Union Hall to see Adult Education. Half of our run-ins would be as he was going out to some friend's reading as I was coming home from work.

He was so friendly that it was almost suspicious. It isn't a New York thing to be that open, that quickly, if at all. But it was Matt's thing. He was incredibly open. He was generous with his time and his support and his lower-back strength, having helped me move furniture up a narrow staircase more than once. He was open with his possessions, from tools to building materials to the food and liquor in his house and on his grill and growing in his garden.

Our son delights in the berries that Matt grew in the garden, on our shared fence. What came through the fence, Sid claimed, but the real bounty was on the other side. I picture Matt smiling and handing berries or basil or peppers or cucumbers over the fence to Sid, as happy to be giving them as Sid was to be getting them. And I smile. And I cry. Because it isn't right that it's over.

His generosity with our son and our incredulity-evolving-into-awe that his friendliness wasn't a put-on are what I told friends I'd remember while I was at work and what Carrie said to me - almost verbatim - when I got home.

And he gave to the community. When Carrie successfully petitioned for street trees, Matt helped plant and maintain the street trees and whiskey barrel planters on our block. When the kids who hang out across the street from us became skateboarders, Matt and his roommates built a ramp in the basement and gave it to them so they could do more tricks. In his younger days, he was part of the fight to keep Giuliani from selling off the community gardens to developers, allowing himself to get arrested while dressed as a sunflower for the cause.

In his memory, we are going to convert the whiskey barrels in front of our house to berry bushes. The berries, as Matt would have wanted, are for the kids of Hawthorne Street.

Bye, Matt. You were one of a kind.


Pant Hoot Comedy, Thursday January 9


Jeffrey Joseph --->

Keating Thomas

Aaron Kominos-Smith

Molly Knefel

Benjamin Leo

Hosted, as always, by Charles Star

Thursday, January 9 at 9pm
Lincoln Park Tavern
49 Lincoln Road

Pant Hoot Comedy, Thursday, December 12

Pant Hoot is back tonight! And it's the Lincoln Park Tavern 7th Anniversary, so it will be Happy Hour all night and a partying crowd. Let's get to the comics:

Reese Waters (Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central)

Sean Donnelly (Late Show with David Letterman, MTV)

Miguel Dalmau (Hoboken Comedy Festival)

Dillon Stevenson (The Decepticomics)

JoAnna Ross (Schtick a Pole in It)

Hosted, as always, by Charles Star (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival)

Pant Hoot Comedy
Thursday, December 12 at 9pm
Lincoln Park Tavern
49 Lincoln Road between Ocean and Flatbush
And it's Happy Hour!

Pant Hoot Comedy, Thursday, November 14

ReeseWe're back and posting with an entire day's notice. Here's the lineup for tomorrow night's show:

Reese Waters (Late Show w/ David LettermanLate, Late Show with Craig FergusonComedy Central...) ---->

Liam McEneaney (Showtime, WTF with Marc Maron, Comedy Central)

Dan Goodman (Skinja)

Taylor Ketchum

Julie Kottakis (PLG comic!)

hosted, as always, by Charles Star 

Thursday, November 14 at 9pm
Lincoln Park Tavern

Pant Hoot Comedy September 12 at 9pm

So late getting this out. Brave the rain and come to the show. 

Tonight's show will feature:

Abbi Crutchfield

Justy Dodge

Alexis Guerreros

Ross Parsons

Lauren Maul

Hosted, as always, by Charles Star 

Pant Hoot Comedy
September 12, 2013 at 9pm
Lincoln Park Tavern 
49 Lincoln Road

8-8-13 Pant Hoot Comedy Tonight!

SasheerTonight's lineup:

Sasheer Zamata (MTV's Hey Girl, UCB)

Phoebe Robinson (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Women in Comedy Festival)

Griffin Newman

Luke Thayer 

Jay Welch

Hosted, as always, by Charles Star (Bridgetown Comedy Festival; SF Comedy & Burrito Festival)

Pant-Hoot Comedy
Thursday, August 8 at 9pm
Lincoln Park Tavern
49 Lincoln Road between Flatbush and Ocean

Pant Hoot Comedy: Thursday, July 11 at Lincoln Park Tavern

SasheerPant Hoot again. Here's the lineup.

Sasheer Zamata (FX's Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell; Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer)

Sean Donnelly (FOX's Red Eye)

Jim Tews (Montreal's Just For Laughs FestivalNew Faces Showcase)
Gordon Baker-Bone (Festivals across the country)

Ray Marshall

Hosted as always, by Charles Star (Festivals etc.)

Pant-Hoot Comedy
Thursday, July 11 at 9pm
Lincoln Park Tavern
49 Lincoln Road between Ocean and Flatbush

Pant-Hoot at Lincoln Park Tavern, TONIGHT, Thursday May 9

And we're back. This show is meaningful to me in a way that it won't be to you. Years ago, I was a regular at a show at R Bar in Williamsburg. This show is a sampling of the excellent comics who routinely did the show, without the host who moved to LA a while ago. What should be meaningful to you is that this will be a great show. And here's who will be there:

Claudia Cogan ( Last Comic Standing)

Victor Varnado (Conan, Comedy Central)

Liam McEneaney ( Comedy Central, Showtime) Amanda Melson ( Comedy Central) Ritch Duncan (TruTV) Michael Martin And hosted as always by Charles Star. Pant Hoot Comedy Thursday, May 9 at 9pm Lincoln Park Tavern 49 Lincoln Road between Flatbush and Ocean FREE!

Pant Hoot Comedy April 11 at Lincoln Park Tavern

Aparna-benThis month's Pant Hoot Comedy features:

Aparna Nancherla (Totally Biased (FX); Last Comic Standing (NBC))

Carolyn Castiglia (Miss Rap Supreme (VH1))

Katie Compa (SF Comedy & Burrito Festival)

Andrew J. Lederer (Edinburgh Festival Fringe)

Ashley Bezgin

... and maybe more!

Hosted by Charles Star (SF Comedy and Burrito Festival; Bridgetown Comedy Festival)

Pant-Hoot Comedy
Thursday, April 11 at 9PM
Lincoln Park Tavern
49 Lincoln Road between Ocean and Flatbush

Pant Hoot Comedy 3/14 at Lincoln Park Tavern

We're back after a short hiatus. Tonight's show:

Mark Normand (Conan, Last Comic Standing)

Yannis Pappas (VH1, Montreal Comedy Festival)

Will Hines (Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre)

Rachael Parenta (Boston Comedy Festival)

Zach Sims (New Orleans Comedy Festival)

and maybe more.

Hosted, as always, by Charles Star.

Pant Hoot Comedy
Thursday, March 14 at 9ish
Lincoln Park Tavern
49 Lincoln Road

Pant Hoot Comedy: Thursday, January 10

Liam-mceneaneyAnother great show lined up for you. Enjoy.

Liam McEneaney (Tell Your Friends!: The Concert Film, TYF podcast)

Jeffrey Joseph (Tonight Show, Comedy Central)

Yannis Pappas (Montreal Comedy Festival, VH1 "Best Week Ever")

Mike Drucker (Writer for Jimmy Fallon, SNL, The Onion)

Catie Lazarus (Host of Employee of the Month at UCB East Theatre)

Hosted by Charles Star (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival)

Pant Hoot Comedy
Thursday, January 10 at 9pm
Lincoln Park Tavern
49 Lincoln Road between Flatbush and Ocean
Steps from the Q/B/S at Prospect Park

Local Puppeteers Perform this Weekend in Bushwick

SweatshirtAlphabet Arts, the local puppetry theater who brought you City of Hamburgers and Puppets Got Talent, are back with a weekend of shows at The Bushwick Starr. The first Puppets + Poets show is going on as I type this but they are performing from Friday through Sunday, including family matinees on Saturday and Sunday so you've got plenty of opportunity to see them this weekend.

I love their work and hope to get to one of the free(!) matinees with my son to see Sweatshirt Boy head to Coney Island.

The Bushwick Starr and Alphabet Arts present: Puppets + Poets  207 Starr St. (between Irving & Wycoff)  

Performances December 6 - 9, 2012

Thursday - Sunday Evening program for mature audiences: Thursday - Saturday at 8pm. Tickets $12.
Family friendly Matinee program for all ages: Saturday + Sunday at 4pm. FREE!

BROOKLYN, NY -Puppets + Poets is a workshop and performance festival produced by AlphabetArts to create and cultivate collaborative hybrid art. The festival includes two programs of eclectic performances blending poetry and puppetry, two of the world's oldest and most diversely practiced art forms. Featuring collaborations by poets, puppeteers, musicians, actors and other artists, including Sweatshirt Adventures by Alphabet Arts, Another World Is Possible by The People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street, Your Parents' Cocaine by political hip-hop legends The Coup, and much more.

Artistic Director: Amber West
Producer: Sarah Engelman
Workshop Facilitators: Chris Borchardt, Joe Therrien, Amber West
Family Program Director: Chris Borchardt
Lead Puppeteers: Joe Therrien, Kirsten Kammermeyer
Stage Manager: Neelam Vaswani

Directions: Via Subway take the L Train to Jefferson Street, exit at Starr Street, walk against traffic on Starr, and the theater is 3/4 of a block on the right.  

For detailed driving directions visit: www.thebushwickstarr.org/DIRECTIONS 

Tickets are $12.00 atpuppetsandpoets.brownpapertickets.com

More info atwww.thebushwickstarr.org   

About Alphabet Arts:  Alphabet Arts is a nonprofit artist collective founded in NYC in 2009 by a poet, a puppeteer, and a producer. The collective blends a variety of art forms to create innovative performances and educational programs for both family and mature audiences. Learn more at alphabetarts.org 

More about Puppets + Poets: Alphabet Arts introduced this unique program in 2011 to create opportunities for diverse artists and youth to collaboratively explore the relationship between puppetry and poetry, art forms practiced throughout the world and across the ages. Participants in the collective's inaugural hands-on workshops created original "puppet poems" and performed to sold-out audiences at Brooklyn Arts Exchange and Creative Arts Studio. Thanks to this success, The Bushwick Starr invited Alphabet Arts to produce a larger festival in 2012 that will continue as a lively annual event providing opportunities for artists and youth to create, collaborate, and build community across artistic disciplines and other borders. The development of Sweatshirt Boy's crazy Coney Island Adventure, which Alphabet Arts will present at the free Puppets & Poets family matinees in 2012, is supported in part by the Greater NY Arts Development Fund of the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Pant-Hoot Comedy, Thursday October 18 at Lincoln Park Tavern

Matt-mccarthy-headshotI'm back from San Francisco, where I spent the second Thursday of the month, so the show got pushed back a little. Here we go:

Matt McCarthy (Comedy Central - John Oliver's Stand-Up Show and Live at Gotham)

Mike Brown (Sirius Radio, San Francisco Sketchfest)

Leah Bonnema (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

Josh Gondelman (G4's Attack of the Show; San Francisco Comedy and Burrito Festival; Laughing Skull Comedy Festival)

Katie Compa (SF Sketchfest; SFCBF)

Hosted by Charles Star (SFCBF, Bridgetown Comedy Festival)

Pant-Hoot Comedy
Thursday, October 18 at 9pm
Lincoln Park Tavern
49 Lincoln Road



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