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Need a vet? Here's a good one in PLG

Pawsitive-veterinary After delaying a trip to the vet for weeks, I took my cat, Ethel, over to Trixie's (575 Flatbush) yesterday for the biweekly vet care appointments offered there by Dr. Courtney Perry. We couldn't have been more pleased. We've been going to Hope Veterinarian Clinic but our last visit to treat the same problem (which I will euphemistically call "kitty tum tum") proved unhelpful. Dr. Perry had smart, sensible suggestions and her approach was much more systematic than what we got at Hope. She recommended starting with the least invasive measures for pinpointing the problem and working our way up if the problems persist. Her approach is holistic yet scientific. And she's very sweet and personable.

Sure, it's a little weird having your cat examined in the middle of a pet food store but no less weird than running a children's consignment shop in your home (cough).

Appointments (Thursdays at Trixie's):
(347) 559-7729




One of the nice gentlemen at Trixie's gave me a card for Dr.Perry. I gave her a call the other day when my cat injured herself during the earthquake. She makes housecalls, and she was gracious enough to visit me the same day. She is a very nice and thoughtful vet!

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