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Second Pet Store To Open in PLG

Thanks to Babs, we just heard that a shop called Bow Wow Pet Store and Spa is slated to open on Rogers Avenue between Midwood and Rutland. This is not to be confused with Trixie's, the pet store scheduled to open on Flatbush Avenue this fall.

Hopefully there's enough demand for pet supplies here that both businesses could succeed, though I'll confess that I'd especially like to see the Rogers joint take off: having successful business on Rogers would help improve the overall commercial sector in PLG. As it stands, Rogers is dead, foot-traffic-wise, so businesses stay away. Flatbush is the only game in town but Flatbush is too expensive for most new businesses. We end up in stalemate. The more businesses that test Rogers, though, the greater the chances of expanding and diversifying our services.

Best of luck to both businesses. Long may they triumph!


Michael Fusco

The Rogers one taking off would be so great. My wife and I are hoping that Rogers becomes what Vanderbilt became in Prospect Heights. Or Franklin in Crown Heights.

Bow Wow pet Boutique & Spa "Where dogs drool and pets rule"

Thanks guys, we look forward to serving the neighborhood :-)

Bow Wow pet Boutique & Spa "Where dogs drool and pets rule"

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