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New Pet Store Opening on Flatbush in September

Pet-supplies Rumors of a pet store opening in the neighborhood have been floating around for quite some time, but now it's actually going to happen: Robert Salmieri, a Rutland Road resident, will be setting up shop at 575 Flatbush (between Maple and Midwood) in September. The store will be named Trixie's. Both Salmieri and his business partner, Richard Esposito, have dogs named Trixie. They discovered the coincidence while walking their pups in Prospect Park, and an alliance was fated.

The store will carry pet food and "the essentials," as well as accessories, some of which, Salmieri reports, will be made by artisans in the neighborhood. We'll let you know when the opening date is scheduled.

Now if only we could find out what's happening with the Farmer's Diner...

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hooray! If either of the two business partner's are reading this, if you carry Innova Cat food and World's Best litter you can expect at least $100 of business each month from me;)

Charles Star

For the record, we get our World's Best litter at the Associated on Flatbush. If you've been hauling it in from outside of the neighborhood you've been straining your back for nothing.


Also Taste of the Wild catfood!

Bob Marvin

I promise to buy my "World"s Best" litter from the new store. My cat gets prescription Iams Intestinal Low Residue dry food and I'd be delighted to buy that there as well, if possible, rather than schlepping to my vet across the park.


I would be happy if they carried or could order for me newmans own cat food. It is pricey but my cats are picky and love it. I have to 'go' to my old 'hood to get it.


good balls for strong chewers! also non-wheat treats. we do raw food from the butcher, so don't need food. so excited!!!!!


Just discovered the buildout underway as of yesterday! Sorely needed addition to the nabe - no more trips to 5th Ave for Omar's essentials. I'm sure you're fielding all sorts of requests: It'd be great to see Veg-to-Bowl and Primal Pet Foods included in your food offerings.
Four paws up!

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