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Feral Caturday: Update on Spike

DSC01513BROOKLYN, NY - A cat that had been rumored missing or worse has shown up on the deck of Hawthorne Street once again. Spike, one of the founding members of the Feral Crew, has returned to his gang after a lengthy disappearance.

The strange disappearance of Spike had been causing the residents of Hawthorne Street Central and the surrounding buildings much agita, owing mostly to the presence of Cow, a large confrontational newcomer. [Photo not available] Cow had long been suspected in Spike's disappearance but never formally charged.

Spike returned this morning hungry, gaunt, and slightly wary of his old friends, Blackie and Tanner. Former Feral Crew member and current HSC resident Ethel welcomed him back more warmly. Cow showed up and began harassing Ethel, however, so we still have our eye on him. (Or her; we've never gotten close enough to find out.)

We'll provide an update when Spike calms down and gives a full report on his whereabouts.

(Yes, I know it is Sunday, but Feral Caturday is a day that exists independently of your mere human calendar. Also, this post wouldn't have been possible yesterday.)


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