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New Bike Shop Opening on Lincoln Road

A new bike shop is coming to 56 Lincoln Road, right next to the Thriftway on the corner, bringing the total neighborhood bike shops to one.... unless you count Hawthorne Hardware, which sells services and sells used bikes. Welcome, Bike Life!




I have been very disappointed with them. I've been there twice, and the guy there has been very rude to me. He doesn't look me in the eye. He doesn't say hello. I am not sure if he is this way because my skin is light (I'm Puerto Rican) or because I have a Human Rights Campaign and rainbow flag sticker on my bike. He greeted with a friendly smile a dark-skinned biker with long dreadlocks while I was there.

But it's more than rudeness. It's also really bad service. After a pedal he installed on my bike fell off, I came back to ask him to reattach it. He handed me the tool to do it myself. I'm serious.

This is a bad businessman.

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