Hawthorne Street Row of houses

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Incident on Winthrop Last Week

A neighbor on Hawthorne sent us the following email. I wasn't around when the incident described occurred, but perhaps others may know enough to comment.

[The other night] I was walking home and witnessed a truly disturbing scene between two police officers and a young woman who has lived on Hawthorne st her whole life (16 years).  Basically she was arrested as she was asking them for help -- her little brother, 12, had been mugged.  There were probably about 100 people or so out on the street insisting that they let her go and the street broke into a scene of potential chaos.   I tried my best to intervene but all they did was threaten to arrest me.... I spoke with her today and she said she would appreciate any help getting the word out.  She is looking for other witnesses because many people were taking pictures and yelling at the cops to release her.

If anyone knows more about this incident or has had specific difficulties with local police, let us know. If you would like to get in contact with the writer, leave a comment with your info below, or you can email me at brooklynite282 @ gmail and I'll pass it on. Thanks.



I'm sorry, but the lack of detail here strains credulity. Either get the story, or don't run this. Vague inferences of police brutality are irresponsible.

If you are researching the story, better to simply say that there was an incident on hawthorne st. and that you are seeking clarity.

Ryan Ward

I did not see the incident but rather the aftermath. I was riding to a friends house on Midwood on April 15th and saw the large group of people who were taking pictures of the police officer and the girl in handcuffs. I do not know what caused the incident, but clearly could tell there was outrage from the crowd observing what was going on. Once I passed the scene I never heard anything else about it until this posting. The person who posted this is correct about the size of the crowd as well, as I would say there were anywhere from 75-100 people standing on the corner of Winthrop.

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