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Breaking: Lefferts Gardens Charter School Wins Approval!

After well over a year of planning, the Lefferts Gardens Charter School has passed its final hurdle: the elementary school has been approved and is headed to open its doors in the fall 2010. Major congratulations to everyone who worked on seeing the application through, from the school organizers to community members who wrote letters of support.

As you may have heard, the school will feature an environmental-science program that spans across disciplines. The over-arching idea is that the learning will be "experiential"—meaning that teachers will try to connect what goes on inside the classroom (and out) to children's daily lives. The school plans on working with the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and the Prospect Park Audubon Center as part of its curriculum.

As for the school details, we'll have to wait for a formal announcement from the planning team. This much, however, we know: the Lefferts Gardens Charter School will be a free, public school open to all children in New York City. If the school receives more applications that than it has seats, applications will be selected by a random lottery, with preferences given to children living in District 17 (and, after the first year, to siblings of children who already attend).

The location of the school hasn't yet been determined. The planners are hoping to secure a space within walking distance of Prospect Park and the BBG, but it's possible that the school may end up outside the PLG border (at least temporarily).

For the time being, the school has an office at the New York City Charter School Center (111 Broadway, Suite 604, New York, NY 10006, Tel: 212.437.8314).  I suspect that they'll need to hire teachers soon, so if you know of any exceptional candidates, you might want to put them in touch.

I was involved in this group for most of this year and, though I left a couple of months ago, I'm excited and hopeful for its success.

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This is an outstanding accomplishment. Congratulations to all who were involved in spearheading this effort!




I don't have children yet but the opening of this school gives my wife and I great hope. Congrats and thank you to all who made this happen.


Great news!

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