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Almost Here: Lincoln Road BBQ

Bar-b-qEnduro owner Jim Mamary's BBQ joint on Lincoln Road is two days from opening, according to Bob Marvin.

It is not, as reported, going to be called "Richard's" but is instead named for noted Prohibitionist Billy Sunday. I assume that he is rolling in his grave at the news that opening first
at his namesake establishment, on Tuesday,  is the bar. The restaurant is expected to begin serving food on Friday. I expect that by then the address will be a bit more subtle. Ignore the address and focus instead on the neat neon sign and the salvaged front door.

When I first posted about the restaurant in August, I noted that Mamary predicted opening in four to six months and translated that as ten. Mea culpa. Glad to see the joint open on schedule, especially given our dodgy economic times.


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