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Billy Sunday's Menu

Billy's-Menu Billy Sunday's, the new BBQ joint on Lincoln, opened its doors for the first time last night and the spouse managed to snag a menu. They're not serving meals yet (that'll be another couple of days) but were offering free sample portions last night. Anyone try the food?

UPDATE: The menu previously posted was being handed out during the samples-only period. It has been replaced by the current menu.


Bob M

Reasonable prices for, judging from the samples last night, really good BBQ. But, if the chicken prices aren't a typo, I know what size I'm ordering :-)


I stopped in tonight after work with a friend. We were actually talking about the place coming home on the B train together and happened to look in the window and noticed a person or two sitting at the bar, so we went in for a drink. I really appreciate some good beer, and they had five or six nice bottles and a nice handful on tap. I had some Smuttynose Robust Porter on tap that was served up in a jar. It is a wonderful beer and was really happy to see that they were serving it up. The bartender was very cordial, and as we finished up he said $7. As we stepped outside to head home, my friend said, "ouch 7 bucks! That's not typical for Brooklyn Prices." I saw the menu posted here on the blog and it seems well priced, especially considering other BBQ joints I have been to. However, after a dollar tip 8 for a beer (granted both beers we had are good microbrews) is a bit much. I would love to see this place succeed not only as a restaurant but as a place in the neighborhood where you can hang out, have some nice beers a drink and a conversation. I just couldn't see myself ever buying more than one. 5 or 6 for a really nice beer is the most you see almost anywhere in brooklyn, so I think that a 7 beer in our neighborhood will only discourage good friends from choosing this place to hang out for drinks, or to have a second alongside dinner. Fette Sau on Metropolitan in Williamsburg, is one of the newer BBQ places that has popped up in Brooklyn (there have been a few). They serve up a great selection of microbrews for #6 a glass (served up in jars, after-which Billy Sunday's follows), plus they have half gallons and gallons for 18 and $32 respectively. At Billy's this would be about 28 and $56. It may seem that I am quibbling here but Fette Sau is owned by Spuyten Duyvil a bar across the street that is known as one of the best beer bars in the country (2nd in the country by Beeradvocate.com). They apparently know beer, BBQ, and Brooklyn pretty well. You would just hope that customers don't feel gouged by these prices the way my friend and I felt. I am thinking of writing a friendly note in hopes that they may appreciate some feedback on my experience. I just don't feel that at those prices anyone is going to feel adventurous enough to get out and try some new and interesting beers which I what I think they are hoping that people will do, because everyone knows that good BBQ and good beer belong together.


We dined at Enduro on Tuesday, but wandered through Bill Sunday's on our way out. The place looks great and the prices seem very reasonable. Will be back in the next week or so to eat.
$7 might be a bit steep for a high quality craft beer in our neighborhood but it's more than standard in Brooklyn and the rest of NYC for that matter. Enduro also has raised their prices slightly - house margaritas used to be $5 and now they're $6. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop drinking them and I certainly don't feel gouged by the $1 difference. Let's all be happy we have another great addition to the neighborhood.


I'm with Murray: $7 is too much for a beer (at least in our nabe).

Charles Star

I'm with a that $7 for a good beer isn't unreasonable; I assume that a Bud can be had for less.

I'm not with a when he implies that being happy with the addition means that we shouldn't also complain about the things that we think can be better.


Hey, who said a was a he! I'm a beer-loving she!

As you said, Charles, I doubt all of the beers are $7. I can point you towards MUCH more expensive beer in Brooklyn. I can also tell you where to find $4 pints of excellent craft beer. I think Enduro's pretty standard beers run in the $4 to $6 range, yes? With the addition of more taps and seeing what sells, perhaps Billy Sunday's will adjust their prices. Let's not skewer them on their first night of operation over a beer that's $7.

And I never said we shouldn't give feedback on improvements. I did say we should be happy to have this new restaurant! It's rarely completely smooth going when a restaurant first opens. They are lucky to have some of the great staff from Enduro running the show.


Yes, I am very happy to see this place open up. Their BBQ prices seem good and I'll be interested to give it a try. You can find great craft beers at many brooklyn spots (Barcade, Cherry Tree Bar, Fourth Ave Pub) for $5 a pint. You never know how it will play out. I hope that my comment was constructive and hopeful that the beer side of the business fares well so that it stays around and all the good taps don't dry up in favor of bud, amstel, heineken.... light beer without much flavor.

Charles Star

My bad, a! We're all friends here. Murray - I assume that over time BS will evolve drink specials and a higher end beer or two will be offered for $5. If that wasn't the plan, then ... hint hint.

Despite the faux outrage in my latest post, I am excited about the opening of Billy Sunday's.


hmm, i wonder if the mac and cheese and other sides are vegetarian? I know a BBQ joint is not the best place for a vegetarian to hang out by my girlfriend loves the BBQ.


The sides are mostly vegetarian, with the exception of the collards, the baked beans, and the dirty rice. There's talk of putting smoked seitan (a vegetarian meat-substitute) on the menu once all the kinks of normal service have been hammered out.


We tried the BBQ this week and were really pleased. The chicken sells out way early before the dinner crowd even starts arriving so they need to make an adjustment there and make a lot more chicken. But we were happy with the pork. Loved the collards, biscuits and mashed sweet potatoes. The decor is cool and it's a comfortable setting. Big mystery though, does anybody know their hours and when they open? We need to get an early dinner before heading out for something this evening but the hours are not on the menu, there's no website, there's no answer and there's no outgoing greeting stating their hours. I know they just opened but an informative outgoing voicemail greeting doesn't seem too much expect. I now have to order pizza or whatever instead, not knowing their hours. Too bad.

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