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Area animals crapping in Prospect Park sandbox

Parksandbox A member of the Prospect Lefferts Playground list reported earlier this week that her husband witnessed someone letting their dog relieve itself (the post specified #2) in the sandbox of the Lincoln Road playground. The witness informed the Parks Department, which removed the excrement in question. But “upon closer inspection," the report continued, "there was more poop found hidden in the sand."

While local parents have suggested that owners who allow their pets to poop in the playground should be fined, they don't seem to realize that dogs aren't allowed in the playground in the first place. Park rules explicitly forbid animals anywhere in the area. After all, you don't want them shitting in that scary ring of water around the sandbox either, right?

Unfortunately, I suspect that the ability of policing to curb the problem is limited; the park is also home to a number of feral cats, perhaps the more likely culprits.


Charles Star

Dogs and cats are crapping in the sandbox? Gross. I'm going to stop.


Hmmm. My daughter uses that sandbox several times a week. Lovely.


People often think of toxoplasmosis as something only for pregnant women to worry about, but anybody can get it from cat poop. The cats have to eat the raw meat of prey to get infected with the parasite. The feces has to stay in the sand or litter for days before the parasite is ready to be transferred to people, and people have to get the poop on the hands then put the hands in his/her mouth, not just breathe it in. It's not airborne and it's not carried on the cat's fur. So it's not really that easy to catch the disease but yeah, a sandbox with cats pooping in it isn't great. I only know this info because I researched it recently.


When I played in the park sandbox as a kid, I think three out of five times I encountered some sort of fecal matter. It was icky, but I survived. Kids get dirty, they eat some poop, they get over it.

The only way to stop the poop is to have a cover on the box whenever the box is not being supervised (highly unlikely to happen in a public park).


Re: Local animals story- The story you have posted about local animals crapping in sandbox is not news to me. I volunteer work around a location called GVSHP in the East Village and the park on the corner there is ALMOST FOREVER full of litter. Also, once I was out in Jericho, New York and a SCHOOL athletic field/public field was full of dog litter one morning. The field was also open to the public out there in Jericho, New York, but kids exercise in the field and that was disguisting. This is not news to me coming from previous experiences.

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